5 Benefits of Cat Trees (and Other Cat Furniture)

In this post, I want to discuss the benefits of cat trees and cat furniture more generally. You might be surprised to hear that cat furniture isn’t just for fun. It also provides some great health and wellness benefits for your kitty.

So I’ve picked out my fab five benefits for your cat and a few might surprise you.

Number 1 | Expanded Territory

The first benefit is the fact cat furniture can and does expand their territory. Having multiple levels allows your cat to feel that their territory is extended upwards.

This is perfect for apartments or indoor environments, when the territory can’t get any bigger. So going vertical is a great way to expand their territory

Number 2 | High Vantage Points

Sometimes we forget that our furry feline friend was once upon a time a wild animal. In the wild, cats will naturally climb trees and survey their territory from up high.

It makes them feel safe from predators and it gives them a great view of their prey, which ultimately reduces stress. That’s all too the good.

So the bottom line here: With cat trees, the taller the better.

Number 3 | Safe Hiding Places

Cat furniture often comes safe, little hiding holes which are perfect for timid cats.

Cats actually need to have a safe, hiding place, particularly if there’s another pet or a child. They need to escape from from time to time. That’s just how they roll. So cat trees or other cat furniture with cubbies or hiding places where they can nestle carry with them real benefits.

Number 4 | Something to Scratch

This one is pretty obvious one. Our cats scratch to share the outer layer of their claws, to stretch, or to leave a mark and scent on their territory. It also stops them from shredding your couch.

Scratching posts are, of course, perfect for this. But any cat furniture, including cat trees, with a scratching surface is a win.

Number 5 | Peace in a Multi-Cat Household

Cat furniture with different levels is great if you have more than one cat. Why? It allows them to sit on different levels apart from each other and can help reduce fighting.

Did you know that the more dominant cat will typically take a higher rung in the cat tree or cat condo rather than the more timid cat?

It’s true.

In that sense, a cat tree can help maintain the pecking order and thus keep the peace among your cats.

Does Your Cat Really Need a Cat Tree?

Cats need cat trees that are high quality and provide various rungs for climbing, hiding places and plenty of scratching opportunities. Although other cat furniture can provide some of those elements, cat trees have the advantage of being to incorporate all of those essentials for felines.

The five benefits I’ve outlined in this post makes clear, there are a bunch of benefits that your cat will gain from playing, climbing and lounging about in a cat tree. The only drawback that I can think of is space. Some cat trees can get quite large and take up space in your home or apartment.

But if you can find a space, especially by a window as cats like the sun and looking outside, your feline friend will benefit physically and emotionally in a number of ways.

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